ASMI offers a wide range of opportunities for postgraduate students.

First of all, its conferences and events, such as the Annual International Conference, and overall the annual ASMI Postgraduate Summer School (see below) represent good occasions to develop contacts with scholars and academics working on related fields and to maintain networks with the most important Institutions and Associations in Italian Studies.

Secondly, ASMI gives postgraduate students advantageous opportunities to be published in the journal Modern Italy.

In addition, the ASMI Postgraduate Essay Prize has been designed specifically for postgraduate students as a means to encourage their research and publish their work.

Finally, ASMI offers the Christopher Duggan Postgraduate Travel Bursary. This bursary, in commemoration of Professor Christopher Duggan, is open to all postgraduate members of ASMI, currently registered for a higher degree at a university in the United Kingdom, and to those ASMI members who have completed a PhD within two years of the deadline for application but who have no access to other sources of funding. Applicants working on any field cover by ASMI may apply for a sum of up to £500. Awards are made twice a year. The deadlines for submission are 20 January and 20 May.

Please send your application to:

The ASMI postgraduate representative is George Newth, University of Reading. If any students have suggestions for potential postgraduate initiatives, these can be addressed to the postgraduate representative at:


Postgraduate Summer School 2017 (Call for papers)

Please, notice the call for Summer School has been extended until Friday 14 April

Previous Summer schools

Postgraduate Summer School 2016

University of Bristol, 23 and 24 June 2016


Click below to reserve your place for the ASMI Summer School dinner at Bill's Restaurant, Bristol.



Postgraduate Summer School 2015



Postgraduate Summer School 2013

University of Reading, 27 and 28 June


Postgraduate Summer School 2012

University College London, 28th-29th June 2012


Postgraduate Conference 2011

University of Bristol, 15th June 2011


ASMI Postgraduate Conference 2010

University of Birmingham, 16 June 2010



ASMI Postgraduate Conference 2009

Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh, Friday 3 July 2009.